Seven Mile Market


Seven Mile Market proudly boasts the largest selection of kosher foods in the Baltimore area. GELLER LIGHTING SUPPLY was happy to help them upgrade their old fluorescent fixtures to new, long-lasting, energy-efficient LED tubes. These new LED tubes look great, save tons of money, and are eligible for incentives from BGE Smart Energy Saver’s Program!

Take a look at the savings!

We upgraded the existing 32W tubes with 17.5W LED tubes, replacing 2,769 tubes! Under the fluorescent lights, Seven Mile Market was paying $42,480 per year alone in energy and replacement costs! With the new LED tubes, that cost is nearly halved, approximately $22,100 each year. The new tubes will last 9 years on average with their use during the grocer’s hours, nearly twice as long as the old ones. This means over the 9 year life span of the LED tubes, Seven Mile Market is going to save over $173,600 in energy and replacement costs! Wow!